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Excellent Square Wave Power Source; Capable of running through the zero current position; Featured with a very stable arc but without high frequency
Good Arc Stiffness, Heat-Concentration and Easy to Operate With the Wire Feeding
Strong capability to clean up the oxide on the surface, the width of cleaning pulse can be continuous adjusted, capable of generating a bright, smooth and nice seam
Equipped with the output connection for the foot control pedal, convenient for the welding operation
Built-in the protection circuits of over-current, over-heat, over-voltage, less-voltages and even alarming function as well, very safe and reliable
Adaptable to the welding application on the aluminium, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, copper and titanium and so on
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Input Voltage (V)        AC230V±15%
Frequency (HZ)            50/60
Rated Input Current (A)    32.5
Output Current Range (A)    5-200
No-load Voltage (V)        44
Input Power Capacity (KVA)    6
Duty Cycle (%)            80
No-Load Loss (W)        40
Arc Ignition            HF
Efficiency (%)            80
Power Factor            0.73
Insulation Grade        F
Housing Protection Grade    IP21
Net Weight (kg)            33.5
Dimension (inch)        19*13.5*14.5
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Parameter:TIG / ARC 200P AC / DC - 1 PHASE MOSFET

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