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  • Auto-Compensation-Function as to the power supply fluctuation, strong adaptability of anti-supply fluctuation and stable welding current.
  • Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over Heat Auto-Protection Functions.
  • Excellent Arc Force Compensation Function.
  • Reliable, Light and Small with High-Efficiency & High Energy Savings
  • Adaptable to the welding application in different kinds of acid or basic electrodes
  • Adaptable to the welding application on different kinds of low carbon steels, medium carbon steels and alloy-steels.

Adapted powerful MOSFET to change the supply frequency (up to 100KHZ), and then to come down the voltage as well as to change the AC current to DC current by the circuit, and eventually to turn out the powerful DC supply under the support of the PWM adjustment technology; in such an inverter design circuit, the weight and volume of main transformer comes down dramatically, and its efficiency is over 30% increased instead.

  • Earth Clamp With Cable
  • ARC Holder With Cable
Parameter:ARC 250 AMPS - 1 PHASE & 2 PHASE MOSFET
Input Voltage (V)   AC230±15%
Frequency (HZ)   50/60
Rated Input Current (A)   53.3
No-load Voltage (V)   58
Output Current Range (A)   20-250
Input Power Capacity (KVA)   9.4
Duty Cycle (%)   60
No-Load Loss (W)   60
Efficiency (%)   85
Power Factor   0.73
Insulation Grade   F
Housing Protection Grade   IP21
Net Weight (kg)   17.5
Dimension (inch)   20*8*13

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